Real Murders by Charlaine Harris (Aurora Teagarden Mysteries #1) Book Review

Real Murders

Book Review by Debbie Winkler

Series: Aurora Teagarden Mysteries Book #1
Author: Charlaine Harris
Publisher: Berkley (December 2007)
ISBN: 0425218716, EAN: 9780425218716
Page Count: 304 pages
Format: paperback

Target Age Group: adults
My Rating:4/5 stars, Hobbies Can Be Murder…


Aurora “Roe” Teagarden is your typical librarian: thick, coke-bottle glasses, long brown hair, sensible librarian-like clothes, single, lives in a small town – you get the picture. She doesn’t have much of a social life and has resigned herself to having her Saturday nights free. But, once a month, on Fridays, she meets with her fellow murder-mystery enthusaists and they discuss a real murder. This Friday it is Roe’s turn to present the case of the Wallaces. She spent hours preparing and arrives a little early at the community center to make sure that everything is ready. However, she cannot find the woman who unlocked the building, laid out the cookies and coffee and set up the chairs. When she does find her, she wishes that she hadn’t as she has been murdered and displayed in the kitchen in a gruesome fashion. Even though Roe is in shock, she cannot help but notice that this murder bears a startling resemblance to the Wallace case. Could one of the club members have taken their little hobby a little too far? When other bodies begin to pile up, all copycat murders from famous past crimes, Roe cannot help but wonder which victim she resembles…


This is a fun, short, easy mystery read that I sat down and read in a couple of hours. Roe is a likeable character whom most readers will relate to as being in her shoes at one time of their lives or another. The other characters are also fairly interesting, but not as fully fleshed out as I would like. Charlaine Harris doesn’t really present the plot in such a way where you would be able to solve the mystery on your own with the clues presented so the ending has a surprise twist, but it was a nicely paced story. The romantic subplots were a little perfunctory, but added a nice touch to the story. I enjoyed this book, and I would recommend it, but I really loved the Lily Bard Mysteries and highly recommend those books. When I started reading these books a few years ago, both the Lily Bard Mysteries and the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries were out of print and had to be hunted down one by one. Now, due to the success of Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampire Series, Charlaine Harris’s backlist is back in print and is much easier to find! If you enjoy cozy mysteries, I highly recommend this series for your reading enjoyment.


This is a cozy mystery, so, while there are a lot of bodies, the descriptions are not too explicit or grotesque. There are no forensic details or time spent in the morgue or anything like that so anyone can read this series safely without getting queasy. Recommended for readers ages 14 and up.

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