Veggie Tales: An Easter Carol (2004) Movie Review

Veggie Tales: An Easter Carol (2004)

Movie Review by Debbie Winkler


Starring: Rebecca St. James, Mike Nawrocki, Phil Vischer, Dan Anderson, Tim Hodge
Director: Tim Hodge
Series: a Veggie Tales Movie
Release Date: 10 February 2004
Language: English
Length: 49 minutes
Movie Rating: Not Rated
View Format: DVD
My Rating: 3.5/5 stars


“Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber have been working in Ebenezer Nezzer’s plastic egg factory…to atone for burning down Mr. Nezzer’s London theatre. Easter is almost here, and St. Barth’s Church is about to unveil a new stained-glass window. But Mr. Nezzer reveals his own plan to knock down the church and build “Easterland” instead — an amusement park designed around plastic eggs and chocolate bunnies! ” —


This was the first Veggie Tales movie that I had seen and I must say that I enjoyed it far more than I expected to.  I had a bit of a difficult time adjusting to everyone being vegetables without any arms or legs, but once you kind of get used to them “holding” stuff by having it floating in the air in front of them, you are good to go!  The animation is bright, colorful and simply executed so it should really appeal to children. My favorite part of the movie was the music as there is a lot of singing and music in the movie.  There are some really beautiful songs, including the song sung by Hope the Music Box Fairy included in the clip above.  I was really impressed with the quality of the music, as well, as there were not a bunch of lame, half-hearted songs included, but a slew of thoughtful, funny or touching songs included that will help you enjoy this movie time and time again.

I loved that this movie included more than the Easter Bunny and candy – it is really about Easter.  You learn about the true meaning of Easter and Jesus Christ rising from the grave.  This is a retelling of A Christmas Carol in that Mr. Nezzer is a cranky, old dude who no one likes in the neighborhood.  He is going to tear down the local church to build Eastertown and make everything plastic instead of real.  During his change of heart, he is reconverted to religion and realizes what the area would be like without the church and all of the good works it does.  I know that some people will not like this movie because they feel it is too religious, but it should appeal to a Christian audience.  A wonderful little rental for the Easter holidays to remind your children – and adults, as well! – that Easter is about so much more than chocolate bunnies and jelly beans.


This movie is appropriate for viewers of all ages.

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