Dust to Dust by Lillian Stewart Carl (sequel to Ashes to Ashes) Book Review

Dust to Dust

Book Review by Debbie Winkler

Series: sequel to Ashes to Ashes
Author: Lillian Stewart Carl
Publisher: IUniverse (June 2000)
ISBN: 0595094465, EAN: 9780595094462
Page Count: 368 pages
Format: paperback

Target Age Group: adults
My Rating:5/5 stars, Wonderful Romantic Ghost Story!


Rebecca Reid and Dr. Michael Campbell met while they were cataloguing Dun Iain’s artifacts in the book Ashes to Ashes. After months of long-distance dating, Rebecca was thrilled to be working with Michael on a dig in Scotland at the Rudesburn Priory in Eidon Hills. It was rumored that the abbey’s last prioress, Marjory Douglas, still haunted its halls and that Robert the Bruce’s heart was buried there and never found. Leading a group of archeology students, Rebecca was eager to uncover the priory’s treasures, mythical or no. She was also eager to determine what exactly her relationship with Michael was. However, their relationship was immediately strained when Sheila Fitzgerald, Michael’s ex, showed up at the dig to film the entire event. When Sheila was found murdered a few days later, apparently with Michael’s own knife, Rebecca finds herself doubting her relationship with Michael. Oh, she knows that he didn’t do it, of course, but she has no idea who did. Was it Adele Garity, an older woman who went back to school who is obsessed with New Age philosophies; Dennis Tucker, an overweight student with his own hidden agenda; Jeremy Kleinfelter, Sheila’s current lover, the leader of the dig whose reputation is on the line after he as accused of salting his previous dig? Or was it someone else entirely? As Rebecca works to solve the mystery before Michael is arrested, she also has to try and council Hilary Chase, a rape victim and help her get involved in her first relationship since with Mark Owen, a fellow student. As more and more revelations come to light, Rebecca discovers that she doesn’t really know anyone on the dig, including herself…


Dust to Dust is a wonderful sequel to Ashes to Ashes. It is not necessary to read Ashes to Ashes, though, as Carl does a fine job giving the reader a little bit of background if they are not familiar with the story. Still, Ashes to Ashes is a great book so I recommend you read it. I loved Dust to Dust even more than Ashes to Ashes, though, as it had more of a romance story in it. Rebecca and Michael are in that interesting stage of a relationship where they are serious enough to have to determine if what they have is worth taking to the next level or if they should just give up on the whole thing. It was also wonderful to have a dig in Scotland as the backdrop. I particularly enjoyed learning about Scottish history and the archaeological aspects were fascinating. The book is a wonderful read and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys romantic mysteries!


This book has a bit of Gothic romance feel to it so it is pretty clean. There are some racy jokes (including speculation about just what, exactly men wear under the kilts), some intimate scenes (nothing explicit or detailed is included), dead bodies, jealous ex-partners, and plenty of past history that the characters struggle to overcome. Appropriate for readers ages 14 and up.

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