Dream Quest: Nine Spellbinding Paranormal Romances edited by J. C. Wilder & Linnea Sinclair Book Review

Dream Quest: Nine Spellbinding Paranormal Romances

Book Review by Debbie Winkler

Author: edited by J. C. Wilder & Linnea Sinclair
Publisher: LTDBooks (October 2003)
ISBN: 1553164946, EAN: 9781553164944
Page Count: 178 pages
Format: paperback

Target Age Group: adults
My Rating:5/5 stars, A Wonderful Anthology of Paranormal & Science Fiction Romance!


Dream Quest contains 9 short stories by 9 different authors. It includes:

‘The Beauty in the Beast’ by K. G. McAbee – When Erik’s father looses him in a game of chance, he is forced to serve Lady Arraine DuBois, the mystery woman in the silver mask. She comes to him to talk, but never lets him touch her or see her face. What Erik cannot figure out is why?

‘The Girl in the Box’ by Janet Miller – Amirilla Asteras was born crippled due to her mother’s exposure to radiation. She has always lived in a box and so she keeps to herself, working 3rd shift at the space station and making few friends. However, she and Ganth, a Gaian, who comes to dock at the station, have become friends – maybe more than friends. But how can she face him, knowing what his reaction will be to the box?

‘Knight Moves’ by C. B. Scott – Janie Lane is used to doing things alone so she isn’t really bothered too much by going to see her favorite movie starring Kenrick Bonel in a deserted theater. But when a freak accident thrusts Janie into the movie opposite Kenrick where his ladylove is supposed to be, Janie is forced to call upon reserves of courage that she never knew she had…

‘Kallaayt’s Tale’ by Rosemary Laurey – Kallaayt, a dragon, seeing the happiness of Aaragh and Myfanwy (their story is in Paradox), is determined to return to the human world and ask Gwen to be his mate. However, when he returns to Gwen’s city, he finds things are much changed. He also discovers that Gwen has been brutally raped and is expecting the man’s child. How can Kallaayt convince Gwen that he still loves her and that she is worthy of his love?

‘Interface’ by Isabo Kelly – Gina is a scientist for Xanac Corp and has been working with a small team on a secret project researching M-SIDs. She is determined to come up with a solution to the planet’s problems, but death threats arrive as a traitor leaks their progress. Gina is forced to rely on the expertise of Alex Longfeather to keep her safe from their terrorists. But will Alex still care for her when he finds out what the M-SIDs did to her?

‘Through the Woods’ by Ellen Edgar – Beth Hawthorne fled to the old cabin on the lake to escape her divorce. She felt so alone and was actually happy to meet the small girl playing in the woods. When the girl, Jenny, asked Beth to help her father, Beth had no idea that he was planning on committing suicide. Why would a man who had such a wonderful daughter ever plan on leaving her?

‘Smoke & Mirrors’ by Donna MacMeans – When Amber Wilson finds a magical necklace at an old junk shop, she is thrilled to find that her wish of loosing 20 pounds has come true. She gets a total makeover and is excited to be going out with a gorgeous new guy, Todd Fletcher. Until she discovers that the magic only seems to work sometimes…

‘To Call the Moons’ by Megan Sybil Baker (who also writes as Linnea Sinclair) – Torrin is a Chalith, a master of an ancient mage line, hunted for his skills and feared for what he is. But he also responds to Callings and Miera has called him, for what purpose, he does not know. All that Torrin does know is that he must kill Miera before she finds out what he truly is…

‘Lady of Maragorn’ by J. C. Wilder – Nia, a half elf healer, has lived alone in the woods since her mother died. Renowned throughout the land for her healing powers, there are some brave souls who overcome their fear to ask for her aid. Other brave heroes come to break the terrible curse that was laid on her when she was a child. For Nia must find her true love and kiss him to be free from the curse. There is only one problem – every man she kissed turns into an ugly stone statue! Nia cares too much for Ranulf to even try and break the curse anymore and is ready to give up her own life rather than suffer anymore. But Ranulf may have a thing or two to say about that…


This was a very good collection of paranormal/fantasy/science fiction romances and a great introduction to some of these very talented authors. ‘The Girl in the Box’ and ‘To Call the Moons’ were my favorites in this anthology and the book is worth buying for these two alone! The frustrating thing about the anthology is that all of the stories are quite short – the whole book is only 178 pages long. Still, I can tell that all of these authors were really talented because I became attached to their characters even though I was only with them for a few pages. If you like your romance with a touch of the otherworldly then don’t miss this anthology!


The stories in this book are not long enough to become too sexy, although some of them get a bit heated up! There is some violence – fighting, rape and other brutality – but there is nothing over-the-top or that does not fit into the story. Recommended for ages 16 and up.

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