Classic Cartoon Favorites v. 2: Starring Donald (2005) Movie Review

Classic Cartoon Favorites v. 2: Starring Donald (2005)

Movie Review by Debbie Winkler


Starring: Various
Director: Various
Series: Classic Cartoon Favorites #2
Release Date: 11 January 2005
Language: English
Length: 61 minutes
Movie Rating: Not Rated
View Format: DVD
My Rating: 4/5 stars


Donald Duck stars in this collection of eight cartoon classics from Disney‘s golden age of animation. Donald winds up in all kinds of hilarious situations in these newly restored, full-color shorts, which feature the stinging personality of Spike the Bee, Donald’s trusty mutt Pluto and the first appearance by Donald’s girlfriend, Donna (who later became known as Daisy). Episodes include “Bee at the Beach,” “Donald’s Dog Laundry” and many others.” —


This is the 2nd DVD put out by Disney that features one of their main, and most popular, cartoon characters.  Donald Duck has got to be my favorite Disney character.  He is just so funny!  He always steals the show in any cartoon that he is in and helps remind us that we should not lose our temper that often – bad things almost always happen to Donald!  This DVD features the following cartoons:

“Inferior Decorator” – Donald is busy redecorating his home with some floral wallpaper.  A busy bee passing by sees the biggest flowers he has ever encountered and tries to land on one.  Donald sees the poor bee and realizes that the bee does not realize the flowers are fake.  He decides to have some fun with the bee, but ends up getting it in the end when the bee finds a way to strike back.

“Don Donald” – To try and impress Daisy after he laughed at her and made her mad, Donald trades his burro for a car in Mexico.  However, Donald doesn’t know how to make a car work and ends up making Daisy madder than ever.

“Golden Eggs” – Donald reads an article about how eggs are the new liquid gold and are worth a lot of money so he decides to go and get all of the eggs out of the henhouse.  Unfortunately, the rooster is very protective and will not let Donald anywhere near the eggs.  So Donald dresses up as a female hen to try and lure the rooster away long enough so that he can get the eggs out of the henhouse.

“Bee at the Beach” – Donald makes a bee mad at the beach by being inconsiderate.  The bee decides to get back at Donald by puncturing his straw so he cannot drink his soda, unscrewing the cap on his floatie so that Donald sinks and eventually sending Donald shooting out into shark-infested waters.

“Donald’s Dog Laundry” – Donald builds his own dog washer out of an old bathtub and other random parts.  To test it, he tries to persuade a reluctant Pluto into the tub, but Pluto is having nothing to do with it!

“Donald’s Vacation” – Donald decides to take a break and go on a nice, relaxing vacation. He enjoys canoeing down the river and finds a beautiful place to camp.  There, he tries to set up everything, but gets stuck in an easy folding model chair.  While he is caught in the chair, the chipmunks steal all of his food, and when Donald tries to pursue them, he ends up making a bear mad and having to hightail it out of there as fast as he can.

“Old MacDonald Duck” – Donald is happily singing away, moving around his farm and doing his chores.  He is milking his cow Clementine, when a pesky little fly starts bothering her.  Clementine is willing to do anything to make the fly go away – including using Donald as a flyswatter!  This cartoon includes the songs “Old MacDonald” and “Darlin’ Clementine” so children will really enjoy it.

“Chef Donald” – Donald tries to follow his favorite radio baking program and make some fluffy waffles.  He accidentally adds rubber cement instead of baking powder, however, and cannot get the batter out of his bowl and onto the griddle.

I really enjoyed this DVD and, even though it was only about an hour, I found myself thoroughly entertained and really had a good time.  I was familiar with most of the cartoons, but a couple of them were new for me.  This collection is an interesting mix of older Donald cartoons and newer (relatively speaking) cartoons and shows Donald at his funniest.  These cartoons feature a lot of details, clever dialogue and so much more care than the newer cartoons do.  Every time I watch cartoons like this, I am reminded why Disney is known as the absolute best in children’s animation.  If you like Donald Duck, then this is a fun DVD to have in your collection or rent it like I did and pass a laughter-filled hour with an old friend.


This DVD features some cartoon-style violence, usually with Donald as the one who ends up getting caught, stung, thrown across the room, or getting into trouble.  Of course, he always bounces back and never really gets hurt.  Recommended for viewers of all ages.

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