Classic Cartoon Favorites v. 3: Starring Goofy (2005) Movie Review

Classic Cartoon Favorites v. 3: Starring Goofy (2005)

Movie Review by Debbie Winkler


Starring: Various
Director: Various
Series: Classic Cartoon Favorites #3
Release Date: 11 January 2005
Language: English
Length: 64 minutes
Movie Rating: Not Rated
View Format: DVD
My Rating: 4/5 stars


Goofy stars in this collection of nine cartoon classics from Disney‘s golden age of animation. In these newly restored, full-color shorts, Goofy shows off his extreme skiing moves, fights a mountain lion for a hammock and tries to get a grizzly bear to say “cheese.” And who better to instruct in the fine art of dancing than graceful Goofy? Episodes include “How to Dance,” “Baggage Buster,” “The Big Wash,” “Father’s Day Off” and more.” —


I have been having a really fun time lately watching some old Disney classics and remembering why I liked them when I was a child and why I still like them now.  The Disney Classic Cartoon series is no longer available as a set (except through sellers on online auction sites), but you can still rent them at some places or buy them on individual discs, (though they are pretty expensive individually).  They are a really fun series to watch with your child or just to enjoy by yourself.  This DVD focuses on Goofy and I was delighted to see that several of Goofy‘s “How to” cartoons were included as I think they are absolutely hilarious!  This DVD contains:

“The Art of Skiing” – Goofy is trying to learn to ski and the plummy, lovely-voiced announcer is speaking about how easy it is to ski and all of the correct techniques while Goofy does everything completely wrong!  I confess, this cartoon was the only thing running through my head while I was trying to learn to ski.  Goofy’s unique yodel & yell (sorry, I cannot replicate it) kept echoing in my ears as I tried vainly to stop on the mountain before I ran someone over.

“How to Fish” – Goofy has a difficult time casting his line into the river, so he tries some other techniques to catch a fish, including feminine lures, nets, etc.  Of course, the fish always outwit poor Goofy!

“How to Swim” – Goofy tries to learn how to swim before heading off to the beach.  He practices swimming on a piano stool and literally stops traffic before he finally heads out to the beach.  Of course, Goofy doesn’t even make it into the water before problems begin.  He ends up eating underwater and literally becomes tied up in knots as everyone knows you are not supposed to eat before you swim!

“Baggage Buster” – Goofy is the baggage handler at a railroad station and he is busily loading all of the luggage onto the train cars when he starts running into trouble with a special trunk.  Turns out the trunk belongs to a magician and is packed with all kinds of things – a magic hat, complete with rabbit, an elephant, a giraffe, an ostrich, and all kinds of other animals and objects!  Too bad that Goofy cannot find a way to get everything back inside the magician’s trunk!

“How to Dance” – Another cute cartoon in the “How to” series featuring Goofy, but this one is about learning to dance.  Goofy at first tries to learn on his own by cutting out the instructional footprints inside his book, but they blow all over the place and he doesn’t really learn any steps.  So Goofy tries practicing with a seamstress’ dummy.  This is hilarious as the dummy takes on personality and gets a little tipsy, knocks Goofy out for getting too fresh and more!  Eventually, Goofy ends up on a dance floor and comes to realize that he doesn’t have any room to move to do his steps anyway!

“Lion Down” – Goofy heads out of town and cuts a tree down in a forest to plan out in his backyard on the top of a high rise building so that he can hang up his hammock.  Little does he know that he brought a lion back with him in the tree!  At first, the lion wants to take his tree back to the forest, but then he comes to realize how comfortable the hammock is and tries to get rid of Goofy!

“The Big Wash” – This is one of my favorite Goofy cartoons.  Goofy is working at a circus and is trying to sneak up on Dolores, a giant circus elephant, so that he can give her a good wash.  Dolores doesn’t want to get wet, however, so she does her absolute best to avoid Goofy and create problems wherever she can.  She disguises herself with makeup, hides behind circus cars, fills Goofy’s pants with water and just causes all kinds of problems!

“Hold that Pose” – Goofy decides that he needs a hobby to take his mind off of his stressful job at work and so he takes up photography.  He carts all of his equipment to the local zoo and tries to capture the spirit of a bear on film.  He just can’t quite get the bear and the camera to work at the same time however…

“Father’s Day Off” – Goofy’s wife leaves their son with Goofy for a day so that she can go out with friends.  Goofy thinks that his wife has a pretty easy life staying home with Junior all day and is confident that he can easily handle anything that his wife can.  Set in the 1950’s, this cartoon features some really funny moments – especially for women – as Goofy struggles to complete even the most basic task at home with a wily young son getting into trouble around every corner.

I had a wonderful time watching this DVD – there were so many great cartoons on this DVD, it was fantastic!  Goofy is definitely one of the funniest characters that Disney ever created and he is able to get into trouble, laugh at himself and somehow escape from every predicament he finds himself in.  This DVD is really a treat and will be a lot of fun for children of all ages – including adults – to watch and enjoy.  If you stumble across a copy, definitely take the time to watch it as I think you will enjoy yourself!


This movie contains some cartoon-style violence, but Goofy and all of the other characters never get hurt or sustain any injuries.  Recommended for viewers of all ages.

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