The Prince of Ill Luck by Susan Dexter (Warhorse of Esdragon #1) Book Review

The Prince of Ill Luck

Book Review by Debbie Winkler

Series: The Warhorse of Esdragon Series Book #1
Author: Susan Dexter
Publisher: Del Rey (January 1994)
ISBN: 0345380657, EAN: 9780345380654
Page Count: 249 pages
Format: paperback

Target Age Group: adults
My Rating:5/5 stars, A Fun, High-Fantasy Romp Through Esdragon!


Prince of Ill Luck is the story of Leith, Prince of the Isles, whom everyone believes was born “demon-cursed.” Everywhere he goes, disaster follows in his wake: earthquakes, boats capsizing, buildings collapsing, etc. When he is the sole survivor of a shipwreck, he has no idea where he is, no money, no food, nothing. Then he finds Valadan, a magical warhorse wandering the interior of the isle. With Valadan’s help, he is able to win the hand of the duke’s daughter…but Kessallandria never intended to be won. So Leith strikes a bargain with her – he won’t hold her to her promise of marriage if he can come with her to find her mother, a witch, whom he hopes can lift his curse. This is the inauspicious beginning to a grand adventure between a headstrong young lady searching for her mother, a witch, and exploring her own powers, and the Prince of the Isles, whose deplorably bad luck follows him wherever he goes.


This was a superb novel. The story was finely crafted, the characters were full of life and fun to get to know, the Isle of Esdragon became real to the reader, in short, it had absolutely everything a fantasy could wish for – and it was funny, too! I highly recommend searching this book out and buying it, you will not regret it!


This book does contain some fairly typical fantasy violence, including fighting, evil curses, monsters to be overcome, etc. Still, it is fairly clean and I feel it is appropriate for readers ages 14 and up.

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