The Enchanted Kingdom: Elisa’s Adventure Game Review

The Enchanted Kingdom: Elisa’s Adventure

Game Review by Debbie Winkler


# of Players: 1
Target Age Group: 10 and up
Language: English
Type of Game: Downloadable Computer Game, Match 3
My Rating: 3/5 stars


“Elisa was just a peasant girl when the king died and one of his advisors told her he believed she was the rightful heir to the throne. To prove her worth, Elisa must conquer a fearsome dragon, face off against a giant plant and bring down a wicked witch, all while gathering the resources to rebuild what was once a glorious realm. All kinds of fun await the brave of heart in The Enchanted Kingdom: Elisa’s Adventure, a delightful Match 3 game for the whole family!” — Big Fish Games


This game is trying to do a little bit too much.  It is billed as a match-3 game, but it is also a hidden object game, an adventure game & a building game.  This wouldn’t be so bad if you knew what you were getting into ahead of time, I guess.  None of the challenges are too difficult so I did not find any aspect challenging, other than trying to figure out what I was supposed to do next. See, you are supposed to click on the different buildings in the little area of the kingdom you are currently working on and solve the puzzle associated with that building.  The logging station is a chain-link match 3 (where you drag your mouse button across gems of the same color) and you earn tree logs.  The ore/rock station is a swap match 3 game (where you have your jewels trade spaces).  The mage tower is where you do hidden object searches.  In between chapters, you play other mini games, like jigsaw puzzles where you have to flip pieces around to find out where they go.  Again, none of these mini-games is particularly difficult, but some of the match 3 games take a bit of effort as the gems are in the shape of a hexagon and you have a lot of diagonals you are working with.  You have to change all of the gold tiles to plain tiles to get the logs or ore or whatever you are working for.  There are also rock tiles (which break as you match tiles near it), ice tiles (which break as you link it to other gems in the chain), and chained tiles (which break as you make matches near them).

The story is pretty cute – an orphaned young girl is trying to find a royal ruby to prove that she is of royal birth and rebuild the kingdom while she is searching.  I just wish there was a way to click through the story faster as it is really slow!  The main girl helps lots of people and gradually rebuilds the city.  This is the key to winning the game: you have to click on the globe on the far right which will take you to the city where you are supposed to build things.  Then you click on any building that has green “build” button and it is build in the city.  Each building requires different materials and some of the buildings will make other materials once you put raw materials in the building (2 logs = 1 board).  I just wish the game would have told me that I was supposed to go to the city and build as I was having a difficult time achieving my objectives.  Once I figured that out, I was good to go!  If you are looking for an easy game that is a bit of a mix between all of the popular games out there, this is a decent, cheap game to buy.  Again, it is not going to the be best in any of the genres, but it was mildly entertaining and I enjoyed not having to concentrate too hard while I played.


Appropriate for game players of all ages.

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