Teasing Danger by Autumn Dawn (Darklands #1) Book Review

Teasing Danger

Book Review by Debbie Winkler



Series: Darklands Series Book #1
Author: Autumn Dawn
Publisher: New Concepts Publishing (November 2003)
ISBN: 1586080814, EAN: 9781586080815
Page Count: 320 pages
Format: paperback

Target Age Group: adults (ages 18+)
My Rating: 4/5 stars


Jasmine and Wiley grew up in an orphanage together and were like sisters. Jasmine knew that Wiley would never leave without telling Wiley where she was going so she was concerned when she couldn’t find her. Jasmine found Wiley’s campsite, but no Wiley. What she did find was the most handsome man she had ever seen – too bad he had such an attitude! Still, he claimed to know where Wiley was and that she wanted to see Jasmine so Jasmine risked going with him. They crossed through some sort of portal and Jasmine immediately regretted it when she was surrounded by wolves. She tried to escape, but Keilor, the sexy man, made it very clear that if she didn’t stay with him, she was dead.

When Jasmine finally reached Wiley, whom everyone there called Rihila, she was astonished to discover that she was married to the king of the Haunt. Apparently Wiley was a member of the royal family and was stolen from her family when she was a child. Wiley appeared to be terrified of her husband and eager to return home so Jasmine set out to find a way to get them both out of this mess. Unfortunately, Jasmine quickly discovered that Keilor wasn’t letting her go anywhere. Every time she tried to escape, he would ‘punish’ her by making her want him so bad and then walking away. She also found out that she was a sylph and had a pheromone that was irresistible to the men of the Haunt. Even though Jasmine found herself falling in love with Keilor and wanting to be with her friend, could she really stand to live with a race that turned into part man/part wolf?


This was a great fantasy romance with memorable characters. Jasmine was a very strong-willed heroine, sometimes too headstrong really, but she was definitely not about to let Keilor get away with anything. I loved Keilor’s character though. He is an alpha male all the way and was a great example of the Haunt men. Autumn Dawn has created an intriguing world with a lot of potential. If you liked this book, check out Something Wild, a sequel to this book. It is available on Amazon.com, but you can buy it for less as an ebook from the publisher (New Concepts Publishing) or on the author’s website (Autumn Dawn). Happy reading!


This is a hot, sexy romance with sexual teasing, sexual overtones and descriptions of intercourse between the two leads.  There is also some violence, battle sequences and explicit language.  Recommended for adult readers ages 18 and up only.

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