Classic Cartoon Favorites v. 1: Starring Mickey (2005) Movie Review

Classic Cartoon Favorites v. 1: Starring Mickey (2005)

Movie Review by Debbie Winkler


Starring: Various
Director: Various
Series: Classic Cartoon Favorites #1
Release Date: 11 January 2005
Language: English
Length: 60 minutes
Movie Rating: Not Rated
View Format: DVD
My Rating: 4/5 stars


Mickey Mouse stars in this collection of seven cartoon classics from Disney’s golden age of animation. Minnie, Donald, Goofy and Pluto also star in these newly restored, full-color shorts, which feature Mickey at his best – frolicking in Hawaii, fighting with a pesky tornado and showing off his ice-skating moves to Minnie. Episodes include “Mickey’s Circus,” “Hawaiian Holiday,” “Moving Day,” “On Ice,” “Orphan’s Picnic” and more.” —


This is the first DVD in the Classic Cartoon Favorites series and, so far, for me, it is the weakest.  I did not really think about it before, but Mickey is not the funny cartoon character – Goofy and Donald are much more entertaining and funnier.  Also, Mickey is not in a lot of cartoons by himself, he almost always has Donald, Goofy or Pluto in the cartoons with him so that they are still funny and entertaining for kids.  I found that I enjoyed the DVD, but my favorites on the disc are the ones that included Donald or Goofy or both.  This DVD includes:

“Mickey’s Circus” – Mickey is the ringmaster in a circus that is having a free admission day for orphans.  Of course, the orphans are a rowdy, uncontrollable audience so the performance is a bit of a struggle.  Donald comes out to perform with his trained seals, but between the baby seal stealing all the fish and the orphans heckling him and causing things to go wrong, Donald ends up on the high wire, diving off of a platform, and doing all kinds of other things!

“Mickey’s Garden” – Mickey accidentally sprays himself with bug spray and hallucinates that he and Pluto are the size of a bug.  He soon finds out that it is pretty tough to be a bug!

“The Little Whirlwind” – Mickey agrees to rake the leaves in Minnie’s yard so he can have some cake.  But then a little whirlwind starts playing with Mickey & leaves end up everywhere!

“On Ice” – Mickey tries to teach Minnie how to ice skate, Goofy goes ice fishing, Donald puts skates on a sleeping Pluto and laughs at his efforts to learn to skate.

“Hawaiian Holiday” – Donald learns the hula, Goofy tries to learn how to surf, and Pluto gets stuck with a conch shell on his head and then a crab on his tail!  Having a vacation on the beach has never been so hilarious!

“Moving Day” – Mickey, Donald & Goofy try to move all the furniture out of their house before the home is repossessed.  A piano plays with Goofy & tries to come down the loading ramp when Goofy is not looking, but Goofy is determined to outwit it!  Donald gets a plunger stuck on his rear end and, while trying to get it off, he gets a fishbowl stuck on his head and eventually blows up the house by accident!

“Orphan’s Picnic” – This is an older cartoon where Mickey & Donald try to take the orphans out for a day in the countryside on a picnic, but the orphans misbehave and ruin the day by playing pranks, stealing food and cheating at games.  I guess we are still supposed to see that the orphans are cute, even though they keep lying and apologizing and then playing more pranks?  I did not particularly care for this cartoon.

As you can see from the cartoons listed here, Mickey is only in a few of them as the featured performer (“Mickey’s Garden & “The Little Whirlwind”).  In all of the other cartoons, Donald or Goofy manages to steal the show with their hilarious antics!  Still, this is a fun DVD to watch and the cartoons will bring a smile to your face.


This DVD contains some mild cartoon violence, but no one gets hurt or injured.  Recommended for viewers of all ages.

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