Catch That Kid (2004) Movie Review

Catch That Kid (2004)

Movie Review by Debbie Winkler


Starring: Kristen Stewart, Corbin Bleu, Max Thieriot, Jennifer Beals, Sam Robards
Director: Bart Freundlich
Release Date: 6 February 2004
Language: English
Length: 91 minutes
Movie Rating: PG
View Format: DVD
My Rating: 3/5 stars


“Three specialists in their fields – a rock climber, a computer genius and a mechanical wiz – take on the nearly impossible task of robbing one of the world’s most impenetrable banks in order to save an ailing father. Their plan is foolproof, their methods are ingenious…and they’re not even old enough to drive! Meet Maddy (Kristen Stewart), Gus (Max Thieriot) and Austin (Corbin Bleu) – three kids on a mission without permission.” —


So what is the deal with Kristen Stewart and love triangles?  I mean, she is pretty, but not that pretty.  Here she is a lot younger, but she has two cute little boys (Corbin Bleu & Max Thieriot) doing everything they can to be her boyfriend and she totally plays both of them!  I mean, come on!  I have a hard time just getting 1 guy interested and she has guys salivating all over her at every opportunity.  Sheesh.  Anyway, a young Kristen Stewart stars in this action-packed crime caper where she persuades her 2 boyfriends to help her rob a bank.  She needs $250,000 to pay for her father’s operation so that he can walk again and is determined to do anything she needs to do to get the money.

The storyline is pretty cute and will appeal to younger tween and teen viewers as it shows 3 kids succeeding in pulling off a heist that would usually be done by older professional thieves.  The one thing that I did not like about the storyline is that there were no repercussions to the bank heist.  I won’t tell you what happens so that the storyline is not spoiled (in case you are going to rent it), but I thought that this was a huge oversight as children certainly don’t need to be thinking a life of crime is any cooler than they already do from other movies and video games.

Still, this is a cute action movie that will appeal to families.  I enjoyed it and thought it was a worthy rental.  The acting is decent and there is plenty of action and comedy involved in the movie.  The younger stars will help this movie appeal to the kids, but I think that adults will also enjoy this movie.


The 3 kids are trying to rob a bank so there is some action, suspense and mild violence in this movie.  There is a little romance involved in the movie – mainly kissing on the cheek and holding hands, etc.  There is also plenty of young teen angst including whining, complaining and thinking that no one really understands you.  There are some sequences that have mildly crude humor and teasing/name calling.  Recommended for ages 8 and up.

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