Blue Streak (1999) Movie Review

Blue Streak (1999)

Movie Review by Debbie Winkler


Starring: Martin Lawrence, Luke Wilson, Peter Greene, Dave Chappelle, Nicole Ari Parker
Director: Les Mayfield
Release Date: 17 September 1999
Language: English
Length: 93 minutes
Movie Rating: PG-13
View Format: TV
My Rating: 3/5 stars


“Director Les Mayfield serves up a fresh, fast-paced twist on the buddy-cop formula: Jewel thief Miles Logan (Martin Lawrence) returns to his hiding place after a jail stint – only to find that his booty is buried under a newly constructed Los Angeles police station. Logan poses as a cop to get the loot, but his rookie partner (Luke Wilson, a perfect foil for Lawrence‘s comic antics) could prove to be a huge liability.” —


This is a completely ridiculous movie, but I had a fun time watching it.  Miles Logan (Martin Lawrence) is arrested for stealing a huge diamond, but, because they cannot find the diamond, he is out in 2 years.  He goes back to retrieve the diamond and finds that he hid it in an LAPD police station!  He can come up with no other way to retrieve the diamond than to impersonate a police officer.  So he pretends to transfer in from Corona as a new detective, but quickly finds himself promoted to lead detective!  What his fellow police officers do not know is that all of Miles’ knowledge of burglary is based on real-life experience – from the other side!  Miles’ past leads to plenty of laughs as he encounters some buddies in the old neighborhood and tries to act like the cops he has seen on TV shows.  Of course, the real cops are shown as bumbling idiots with Miles able to run circles around them and solve crimes that the cops don’t even realize are happening.

The story is really far-fetched and completely unbelievable, but this was a funny movie.  Martin Lawrence is hilarious in the lead role and Luke Wilson plays off of him perfectly.  I didn’t think there was anything particularly original about this movie and the film does play into a lot of the cliches regarding blacks, cops and more, but I had a good time watching it. If you are looking for something entertaining that doesn’t require a lot of concentration to watch, this is a good action/comedy to choose.


This movie contains some fighting, violence, shootouts, stealing, lying, drug lords, crude humor and some strong language.  I am not sure how bad the language is, though, as I watched this movie on TV.  Most of the violence is pretty mild and is more comedic than really painful looking.  If you catch this movie on TV, this movie is okay for viewers ages 10 and up.  If you rent this movie, it is recommended for viewers ages 13 and up.

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