Classic Cartoon Favorites v. 6: Extreme Music Fun (2005) Movie Review

Classic Cartoon Favorites v. 6: Extreme Music Fun

Movie Review by Debbie Winkler

Starring: Various
Director: Various
Series: Classic Cartoon Favorites #6
Release Date: 31 May 2005
Language: English
Length: 62 minutes
Movie Rating: Not Rated
View Format: DVD
My Rating: 4/5 stars


“In this collection of wacky animated classics from the golden age of Walt Disney Studios, the world’s most beloved cartoon characters strike up the band and tickle your funny bone with their musical capers. Join Mickey, Goofy and Donald Duck for hilarious antics that hit all the right notes in sketches that include “Mickey’s Grand Opera,” “Music Land,” “Orphan’s Benefit,” “Farmyard Symphony,” “Pluto’s Blue Note,” “How to Dance” “Woodland Cafe” and “Donald’s Dilemma.”” —


This DVD contains several music-themed cartoons and is a lot of fun and completely adorable.  This DVD contains:

“Mickey’s Grand Opera” – Mickey directs Clara Cluck & Donald Duck in an opera.  Of course, Donald has a difficult time staying out of trouble – even while singing the lead!  Pluto sneaks out on stage while following a riveting magician’s top hat.  Hilarious antics ensue, but the audience has a really fun time.

“Music Land” – Land of Symphony vs. the Isle of Jazz.  When the young saxophone prince falls in love with the lovely cello princess, their parents try to keep them apart – after all, their two types of music can never find common ground!  But can true love ever really be kept apart?  This is a really adorable Silly Symphonies cartoon as all of the characters – people & animals – are portrayed by musical instruments.  There is no talking in words, instead they use the sounds of the instruments and tones to tell the story.  Absolutely adorable!

“Orphan’s Benefit” – All of the gang join in to put on a variety show for the orphans.  Donald recites, Goofy & Clarabelle dance, Mickey accompanies Clara Cluck as she sings an operatic solo.  Of course, Donald plays the butt of the orphans’ jokes as he struggles to get through “Little Boy Blue” so there are lots of laughs in this one!

“Farmyard Symphony” – As the animals on the farm slowly wake up and get ready for the day, they each add their own tune to the local chorus.

“Pluto’s Blue Note” – Pluto tries to join in the chorus of spring by singing with birds, bees & grasshoppers, but he cannot stay in tune!  So he buys a record player at a local music store and pretends that he has a golden voice, just like the best crooners out there.  Then he discovers that, when he puts his tail on the record, it appears like the music comes out of his mouth!

“How to Dance” – Goofy learns how to dance by using footprint cut-outs, a dressmaker’s dummy, and finally, a live partner!  This cartoon is also found on the Classic Cartoon Favorites v. 3: Starring Goofy so I am not quite sure why it is in the same set twice.

“Woodland Cafe” – All of the bugs show up at the hippest, hottest night club around and dance the night away!

“Donald’s Dilemma” – When Donald accidentally gets hit on the head with a flowerpot, it changes the way he speaks.  Instead of being barely understandable, he now has a beautiful, golden voice.  He becomes famous and adored by 1000s, but he doesn’t remember Daisy at all!  How can Daisy get her boyfriend back?

I was excited to see “Music Land” again, which is one of my favorite Silly Symphonies cartoons!  I think it is so clever that there is no talking in the cartoon at all, but you can tell exactly what everyone is saying by the tone and the actions of the musical instruments.  It is also a great way to help children identify the different sounds of instruments as they are played individually and together.  I also think that “Pluto’s Blue Note” is really cute as everyone wants to be a better singer, right?  Pluto really milks it and makes all of the ladies in the neighborhood fall in love with him.  Anyway, all of the cartoons are cute and I think it is great that children will get an introduction to a wide range of music through this DVD collection.  This is a fun rental or you can look up each of the individual titles on YouTube.


This cartoon contains mild cartoon violence, but nothing too serious.  Recommended for viewers of all ages.

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