Aliens (1986) Movie Review

Aliens (1986)

Movie Review by Debbie Winkler


Starring: Sigourney Weaver, Michael Biehn, Lance Henriksen, Paul Reiser, Carrie Henn
Director: James Cameron
Series: Alien Movie Series #2
Release Date: 18 July 1986
Language: English
Length: 137 minutes
Movie Rating: R
View Format: TV
My Rating: 4/5 stars


“In this acclaimed sequel, the only survivor from the first film, Lt. Ripley (Sigourney Weaver), finds her horrific account of her crew’s fate is met with skepticism – until the disappearance of colonists on LV-426 prompts a team of high-tech Marines to investigate. This special edition features an introduction by director James Cameron, commentary by cast and crew members and both the theatrical and special edition versions of the film.” —


I was pleasantly surprised by how well this movie has held up!  It is 25 years old, but it could have been released just recently.  The special effects and the creatures are done really well and James Cameron was very forward thinking when he made this film.  The plot line is more than you usually get from a science fiction action/thriller and I appreciated that they put an actual plot in there.  As you watch the film, you will soon discover plot twists, unexpected betrayals, government lies and a web of deception.  It is ironic that all of the guys chose not to listen to Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) as she probably could have kept just about everyone alive if they had listened to her instead of labeling her a paranoid lunatic.

The acting is top notch in this movie.  Sigourney Weaver is excellent in her role and she really believes in her character and is confident in what she can do.  Because she believes in Ripley, I believed in Ripley.  It is so great to see a strong female lead in an action movie like this who is able to be an asset to the team and not just someone to rescue!  I thought that the group of Marines did an able job in their roles, too.  They had a kind of cocky confidence and bravado as they started the mission that slowly declined for most of them as they realized what they were up against.  For once, I was able to keep most of them straight and could keep track of what was going on.  It was great that they tried to set up the characters so that each soldier was unique instead of just as a group of nameless/faceless cannon fodder.

As I said before, the special effects are excellent in this movie.  It is difficult to believe that this movie is as old as it as it wears its age very lightly.  If you are looking for a great high-octane, science-fiction thriller that features unstoppable aliens, this is a great one to check out.  Indeed, the whole series is well worth checking out as they are all made very well.  Definitely take the time to rent these films or to catch them on TV if you enjoy good science fiction movies.


This movie features a lot of death, including gory and violent scenes.  Alien creatures explode out of the human abdominal, people catch on fire, heads are snapped off by aliens and a lot of humans die or are kept just barely alive so that they can act as alien baby incubators.  There is a lot of fighting including substantial gunfire and explosions.  I watched this movie on TV so the language was kept to a minimum, but there was a lot of bleeping so I know that there is a lot of strong language in this movie.  Recommended for ages 13 and up if you catch it on TV, 17 and up if you rent it on DVD.

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