Asami’s Sushi Shop Game Review

Asami’s Sushi Shop

Game Review by Debbie Winkler


Creator: Gestalt Games
Publisher: Big Fish Games
# of Players: 1
Target Age Group: 10 and up
Average Game Play: 2 – 6 hours
Type of Game: Match 3 Computer Game
My Rating: 3/5 stars


“Use your match 3 and time management skills to make a splash in the sushi biz. Play as Asami, who is chosen to carry on her family’s tradition of sushi making using her grandfather’s recipes. Start with your first restaurant and swap sushi pieces to fill customer orders and earn cash and tips. Use the money you make to upgrade your restaurants and buy special treats for your customers. Between levels, play mini-games to get new recipes. Make each day’s goal to keep moving, obtain more restaurants, and become a big fish in the sushi game! The full version of Asami’s Sushi Shop features:

  • Several restaurants to run
  • Challenging mini-games
  • Lots of unique customers”     —


I thought this game was a bit boring and repetitive.  In simple terms, you need to match different kinds of sushi to fulfill customer orders.  1 piece of sushi = 1 order piece fulfilled so it is pretty easy to fill the orders.  You have 3 different kinds of candy that you can give to the customers to boost their star levels and thus their tips.  As the game progresses, you are also responsible for giving the customers special items that they request such as a hot cup of tea or wasabi.  You also need to pick up the bags of coins that the customers leave to pay for their meal.

I found that most levels gave me ample time to beat the top level score and usually had no trouble achieving the expert level score on my first try on the level.  I did not really feel like I was challenged or struggling to get a top or expert score on this game so that was a bit of a disappointment.  If you match 4 or more pieces of sushi together you get a bonus dragon coin that will clear an entire row or column.  I found that, on some levels, I was getting a lot of these coins so I started burning through them by using a coin to delete a row of coins.  This turned the coins into gifts that will give you candy or more money towards your goal.

You can purchase 3 upgrade pieces per restaurant – placemats, lighting & plants – that increase patience and tip level.  I am used to being able to purchase more and to customize more of the restaurant so this was disappointing.  Also, you do purchase new restaurants along the way, but they are essentially the same as the restaurant you are currently working in.  The pieces of sushi you match are different, as are the color schemes of the restaurant and the looks of the customers, but nothing really changes.  I thought this game was too repetitive and wasn’t really motivated to play the whole game.  I got about half way through and gave up as I just didn’t feel like matching any more.  I think that most people will be satisfied with playing part of the game and then they will be done.  There are many better games like this one out there – one of my favorites is Restaurant Rush and I can recommend that series highly.


Appropriate for viewers of all ages to watch and play, recommended for ages 6 and up (there is an untimed level option that is perfect for younger players).

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