Revelation by Carol Berg (Rai Kirah #2) Book Review


Book Review by Debbie Winkler



Series: Rai Kirah Book #2
Author: Carol Berg
Publisher: Roc (August 2001)
ISBN: 0451458427, EAN: 9780451458421
Page Count: 496 pages
Format: paperback

Target Age Group: adults
My Rating: 4.5/5 stars, A Stunning Sequel!


Seyonne was enslaved by the Derzhi for 16 long years. He forced himself to live a day at a time and to never look past the present. But Prince Aleksander, his master, freed him and, wonder of wonders, Seyonne had reclaimed his magic and was free to live among his people, the Ezzarians, once more. Seyonne was overjoyed to return to his wife and his people. He immediately took up his duties as a Warden again and worked tirelessly for two years to force demons out of innocent human souls. The Ezzarians still whispered that he was tainted by his captivity, but Seyonne refused to let it matter, even as he refused to worry about Fiona, his babysitter who followed him everywhere he went, searching for signs of corruption. When Seyonne let a demon go free, Fiona had the sign that she was looking for. Then Seyonne discovered that his wife had left his son out to die and he had never even seen the baby. The Ezzarian Council tried to force Seyonne to give up his magic and to earn his right to work as a Warden again, but Seyonne refused to enter this different kind of slavery and set off to find his son.

Seyonne discovered Brand, a demon-joined Ezzarian who was attacking the Derzhi and undermining Aleksander’s rule. The more Seyonne learned of Brand, the more he liked him, but Aleksander was so important to the future of their world and Seyonne couldn’t bear to see two of his best friends fighting each other. Seyonne learned that there were others like Brand who were born demon joined, like Seyonne’s own son, and they had different powers – in some way greater powers – than the Ezzarians. Seyonne started to question all that he knew of Ezzarian history and came to the stunning conclusion that his people were meant to be demon joined – the demons were a part of them! But what had happened and how? The only place that Seyonne could think to go and look for answers was into the demon realm itself…


Revelation takes place two years after the end of Transformation and it was nothing like what I thought it would be. When we left Seyonne in Transformation he was picking up the old threads of his life and I thought that he would have a much longer time to be happy. But Seyonne is a great hero and always takes the path he should – even when others try to discourage him and make it difficult. Seyonne suffered greatly in this book and it was hard to see him walk into agony again, but the answers that come from this book were startling and took the story of Seyonne and Aleksander to a whole new level. Berg‘s fantasy world is never static, the rules are always changing and so the reader will always be surprised. This was an absolutely superb book with stunning characters. A must read for any fantasy lover!


The one complaint I have with this book is that Carol Berg really puts her characters through the wringer.  There is a lot of torture – both physical and mental – and Berg is pretty creative and explicit in her descriptions.  There is also a lot of violence, death, fighting, demon possession, child sacrifice and other dark themes.  Recommended for readers age 16 and up.

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