Birthright by Nora Roberts Book Review


Book Review by Debbie Winkler

birthright by nora roberts

Author: Nora Roberts
Publisher: Jove Books (March 2004)
ISBN: 0515137111, EAN: 9780515137118
Page Count: 512 pages
Format: paperback

Target Age Group: adults
My Rating: 4.5/5 stars, One of My Favorite Books by Nora Roberts!


The town of Woodsboro, MD was divided over the new Antietam Creek development. Half of the town thought it was great that they were building some new homes in the area – the building brought jobs and the new families would breathe new life into the little town. The other half of the town wanted to preserve the beautiful area which sat by a tranquil pond as a nature conservation area. However, nature lost out to commercialism and the Antietam Creek development was underway when a construction worker found a human skull while he was digging.

When archaeologist Callie Dunbrook discovered that the skull was 5,000 years old, she jumped at the chance to go and excavate. This could be the find of the century and make her career. Not even the discovery that Jake Greystone, her ex-husband, would be the anthropologist on site could keep her away. Callie throws herself into her work, but quickly has her world pulled out from under her. Suzanne Cullen, owner and founder of Suzanne’s Kitchen, a successful bakery business, spots Callie on TV and knows that Callie is her long lost Jessica, her baby who was stolen when she was only a few months old.

Callie refuses to believe it. Her parents never said anything about adoption and she thinks that Suzanne is not very mentally stable to boot. Unfortunately, Callie soon learns that she was adopted and that her parents paid a quarter of a million dollars for the privilege. Callie knows that she cannot be the daughter that Suzanne has always waited for, but she is determined to bring those responsible to justice. But as Callie uncovers dark secrets she discovers that someone is determined to keep the past buried – even if they have to kill for it…


I think that this is one of Nora Roberts best romantic thrillers. Her characters are absolutely riveting in this book and I identified with and loved them all. Callie, who loved her parents and thought that being independent was the only way to be free; Jake, who thought that expressions of love didn’t have to be verbal and that if there was no trust there was no love; Suzanne, a woman who had sacrificed everything including her husband and her other child to find the child that she had lost; Lana Campbell, Callie’s beautiful, capable lawyer who had lost her husband in a senseless shooting and now found herself falling in love again; Doug Cullen, as Callie’s older brother, he hated himself for not taking care of the baby Jessica and didn’t know if he wanted a sister in his life; and many, many other characters. Lana and Doug had a nice secondary romance going on and Suzanne started to fit her life back together again in the book. The villains were great, evil and a little insane and a complete surprise (to me, at least). The icing on the cake was the archaeological and anthropological detail that Roberts included, which was absolutely fascinating. A great read – well worth your time!


This book contains some sensual scenes between the two lead characters when they have sex.  There is nothing too explicit, but there is sexual content.  This book also contains murders, attempted murders, other crimes, and some language.  Recommended for ages 16 and up.

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