Farm Craft Game Review

Farm Craft

Game Review by Debbie Winkler


Creator: Nevosoft, Inc.
Publisher: Nevosoft, Inc.
# of Players: 1
Target Age Group: 8 and up
Language: English
Average Game Play: 2 – 8 hours
Type of Game: Time Management
My Rating: 3/5 stars


“Ginger’s always had a knack for farming and now she must use her talents to help save the village farms from the menacing Agrocorporate! Play as Ginger to plant and harvest crops, look after livestock, and keep things growing to maximize production. Expand your operation with new equipment, supplies and workers. The full version of Farm Craft features:

  • Unlimited Play!
  • The ability to design your own farm
  • Lots of crops, animals, and farm upgrades”        —     Shockwave


This is another farm-style time management game where you plant crops, water them, fertilize them, harvest them and sell them for money to buy other upgrades on your farm.  You also can “grow” animals by feeding them and selling the piglets, eggs, milk or whatever other product the animal supplies.  You can plant trees and harvest fruit in your orchard, purchase building permits to build additional animal enclosures, and try and outwit the evil corporation by selling your goods to customers.  Everything is run on a point-and-click basis and you can chain events together as far ahead as you want.  If you right click, it will erase all of the tasks on the game, not just the last task you assigned your character.  You need to fulfill the tasks assigned for each level in the time allotted, but they do not tell you how much time you have (there is a bar that shows your time slipping away) nor how many tasks you need to complete.  You can only see 1 task at a time so you need to hustle your way through the tasks to finish in time.

This is not my favorite game of this type, but it can be a fun game to play.  One of the things that bothered me was how slow the character moved as you have a lot of tasks you have to complete!  Plants do not last long if you don’t water them and fertilize them.  A small water can is provided, but you can only water 6 plants at a time (you can purchase bigger watering cans later and eventually you can purchase sprinklers).  You have to buy bags of fertilizer and they only nourish 6 plants so you have purchase quite a few bags to keep the plants “happy.”  You also need to purchase the crates to harvest the crops and you can only put full crates inside the barn to sell.  To fill a crate, you need to put 4 of one type of vegetables inside or pick all of the fruit off of a tree or pick up one piglet or whatever.  You can also hire 2 different kinds of workers to help you on your farm, but they get paid daily and do not offer as much help as I was hoping.  One of them will help water and fertilize the plants, the other one will help harvest the plants.  Both of them move really slowly and they just kind of do whatever they want with no rhyme or reason.  The worker who fertilizes can be helpful if you have sprinklers purchased, but I found that the other worker got in my way as I couldn’t chain my actions far ahead any more because he had already gone to one random plot of land in the middle of the farm before I got there.  I also had a difficult time dropping things in this game.  You have to double click on a bare space to get rid of whatever you are holding, but this didn’t always work for me and kind of bugged me.  My main issue was that you had to start at the beginning with every single farm/level that you go to.  I am used to play farm time management games where your farm carries over with you, but it did not in this one and I got a little bored starting from scratch every single time.

While this game is not high on my list of favorites (I prefer Ranch Rush best out of all of these plant and harvest games), it was still a fun game to play.  I did not end up purchasing it, but I played it through to the end on Shockwave and had a fun time.  It is pretty easy to understand what to do and not too difficult to execute the tasks, but you don’t have a lot of extra time so sometimes you need to let your cucumber plants die because your customers are only asking for tomatoes or whatever.  Keep your eye on the prize, as it were, and you shouldn’t have any trouble completing levels.


This game is appropriate for all viewers, recommended for ages 8 and up.

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