Shadowland by Meg Cabot (The Mediator #1) Book Review


Book Review by Debbie Winkler



Series: The Mediator Series #1
Author: Meg Cabot
Publisher: HarperTeen (December 2004)
ISBN: 0060725117, EAN: 9780060725112
Page Count: 304 pages
Format: paperback

Target Age Group: young adults
My Rating: 5/5 stars, The Fabulous Start of an Amazing Series!


Susannah “Suze” Simon just traveled all the way across the country from New York to California to live with her mom, her new stepfather and her three new stepbrothers. Yippee. She hasn’t even gotten the chance to unpack when she sees a ghost sitting in her bedroom. It is true that the ghost is really hot, but, hello, she cannot share her bedroom with a guy! She tells Jesse, the ghost, to take a hike, but, of course, he doesn’t so Suze has to find another way to get rid of him. After Suze’s first day at school, however, Jesse is the least of her worries. Heather, a very angry ghost girl who just committed suicide when her boyfriend broke up with her, is determined to make Bryce Martinson, her seemingly perfect boyfriend, pay for her death. Suze has never had a problem getting ghosts to leave before, true, she may have kicked a few…to get them out of there, but they always left, only Heather wasn’t leaving.

As Suze tries to convince her mom that she is happy in her new home, adjust to having a stepfather who insists they all eat dinner together (every night!), deal with three stepbrothers that she calls Sleepy, Dopey & Doc for a reason, exchange mediator techniques with Father Dominic, the first guy she has met who can also see ghosts, save Bryce from Heather’s murderous impulses and get rid of Heather while making new friends at her new school, she finds that she has her hands more than full and figures out pretty quickly that, while California is not the same as New York, her life didn’t get any easier…


I loved this book! It was so hilarious that I was laughing out loud while I read it. Suze is a fabulous character and is so matter of fact about seeing ghosts and how to deal with them and stuff that it doesn’t seem at all unusual. Her friends are unique, her new stepfamily is a hoot when seen through Suze’s eyes and Suze’s idea of what California is like was pretty funny too. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and am ready to pounce on all of the other books in this series. A must read!


This book contains some scenes of violence as a ghost tries to harm her ex-boyfriend.  This book also contains snarky humor, sarcasm, and plenty of laughs!  Recommended for ages 12 and up.

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