Sale Frenzy Game Review

Sale Frenzy

Game Review by Debbie Winkler

# of Players: 1
Target Age Group: 12 and up
Language: English
Average Game Play: 1 – 5 hours
Type of Game: Time Management
My Rating: image_thumb32_thumb4_thumb


A cute, but money-challenged girl spots a hot guy going into a club and falls in love at first sight.  Frustrated at her inability to follow, she spots a flyer offering a 75% off sale at a local boutique and decides that she can stretch a little bit to get a stylish new outfit that will get her noticed!  Stay ahead of your friends as you shop your way through the city and try to catch your true love’s eye at local hotspots.


You play the part of an unnamed girl who is shopping her way through the city.  Click on a boutique (shoe icon) in the district you are in and fulfill all of the wish list orders that show up on the top of your screen.  To fulfill the orders, you will need to find the item in the store and click on it.  Your icon will rush over to the rack or shelf and grab the item.  Once you have picked up all of the items on that order, click on the order to earn style points.  Earn more style points than your friends to stay on top of the heap!  Unlock opportunities to meet your dream guy at district clubs (martini glass icon) and watch the love story unfold!

I did not like this game.  I did not feel that the instructions were thorough enough and found myself frustrated with my inability to play.  They give you a brief intro to the story and then dump you into the first level of game play. Sale Frenzy Game Play There will be four boxes on the top of your screen.  Each box is an order or a wish for clothes that you have (it isn’t clear).  There are one or more items in each box.  For example, box #1 has 1 shirt, box #2 has 1 pair of shoes and 1 scarf, box #3 has 1 purse and one pair of pants and box #4 has 2 pairs of pants.  You can select a box by clicking on it and then you have to fill that box first.  If you do not select a box, the game will default to the box on the left and then work its way to the right.  You must pick up all of the items in the store in each box before you move to the next box or it will give you a “incorrect item” prompt and it will erase all of your actions on the screen.  In the early levels, there are no specific colors requested, just the style of clothing.  On later levels, you will need to find a specific item in a specific color, which makes it a bit more challenging.  The difficulty lies in identifying if the item is any color that is close to you or a specific color.  The items are shown more by outline with light shading than as an opaque piece that you can really see what you need to get.  This was incredibly frustrating as I could not figure out why I was getting error messages sometimes and other times it was working fine.  Other times, I found myself waiting for a specific item to pop up in a color that I thought I needed, only to find out that I could have selected any color and was just wasting time.

There are two other shoppers in the boutique with you and they are picking up items at the same time.  If you click on an item, your number will pop up on the item so you know you are going to get it.  If they click on something, a number in their color will pop up so you know that you cannot select that item as it is already taken.  There is a clock on each location that you play and you just complete as many boxes as you can to get as many style points as possible.  You can then use your style points to purchase special upgrades that you can use in future levels.  These upgrades are icons that will flash on the middle of the screen when you have enough money to purchase the upgrade to use for the level for a short period of time.  I found them to be more of an annoying distraction than a helpful bonus so I did not use them very often.  Instead, I just focused on clicking on as many items as I could and completing as many boxes as possible.

The game play was not that great in this game, but what really bothered me was the theming and the story.  A cute girl with modest clothing is shown at the beginning.  She sees a hot guy go into a club with a bunch of other girls and decides that she has to have him.  Rather than trying to catch his eye with her Sale Frenzypersonality or intelligence, she goes for slutty clothes and acts like every other girl out to get him.  After shopping she is shown in low-cut tops, a bare midriff and skin-tight jeans.  I was unimpressed with the story line and did not like the way that the women were dressed in the game.  They used a bit of an anime styling so it was not extremely realistic, but I still was unimpressed.  The storyline was also uninspiring.  It was very slow to activate and a bit frustrating to go through. If you try to wait to read the story, you have to wait a long time.  A comic-book style picture will pop up on a section of your screen, wait for 10 – 15 seconds for words to pop up on top of your screen.  There will be one sentence.  Click your mouse, another picture pops up, wait another 10 – 15 seconds for writing.  You will probably end up just clicking through the story as it takes way too long to read through and is really uninteresting.

I would give this game a pass if you haven’t already played it.  I think that it was geared towards women, but not very many women will appreciate the styling of Sale Frenzy Citythe game.  The instructions were non-existent, the game play did not really make sense and I couldn’t really enjoy myself.  It would have made a lot more sense if the girl, since she was so poor, was working as a private shopper or something picking up clothing for other women in the store.  Then she could use the money she earned to buy clothes.  If the game players allowed this, the game player could pick the clothes that she liked best to go to the club or another event and that would have added more fun and made a lot more sense.  The styling is not great, it is difficult to identify the objects you are supposed to find and the story was uninspiring.  Look elsewhere for a fun time-management game to play.


The girls are shown in really skimpy clothing with everything hanging out.  The tops are low-cut, stomach is showing and every curve is shown in the jeans.  Girls are going after guys in clubs so they are only worried about what they are wearing and how to get noticed.  Cheap and shallow.  Recommended for ages 12 and up.

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